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anyone read good Spanish?

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Daylene Alford
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anyone read good Spanish?
It looks interesting but I can't understand most of it lol.
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I'm no native speaker but I

I'm no native speaker but I think this is the gist of it:

The Euskal oiloa is a native Basque chicken breed. There are 5 officially recognized varieties: Beltz, Gorria, Lepasoila, Marraduna, and Zilarra.
Origin and general characteristics:
In 1975, as part of an INIA (National Institute of Agricultural Investigations) Department of Animal Genetics program to identify, preserve, and study native chicken breeds, Dr. Fernando Orozco and his team introduced hens typical of Basque farmhouses that presented distinctive colors and then selected them to obtain pure varieties. Based on this work, Dr. Jose Antonio Mendizabal drafted a breed standard.
The bird is of medium weight, with a simple and medium comb, red ear lobes, and yellow feet.
It is a hardy, dual-purpose breed: acceptable both as layers and in meat production.
Plumage: moderately tight, with rounded feathers
Eggs: rather large, brown, about 60 grams
Weight: roosters about 3.6 kg, hens 2.5 kg
Leg ring diameter (in mm): rooster 20, hen 18