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Cat Coat Color Testing

The following labs provide DNA color testing. This list is not meant to be comprehensive and is for reference only. If you know of a lab that is not listed please contact me so it can be added.

UC Davis…

  • Agouti A,a
  • Amber E,e
  • Brown and Cinnamon B,b,bl
  • Colorpoint C, cb, cs, c
  • Dilution D,d
  • White Gloves G,N
  • Dominant White & White Spotting

Animal DNA

  • Agouti (Colour)
  • Chocolate/Cinnamon
  • Dilute (Colour)
  • Long Hair / Short Hair for Cats
  • Points (Colouration)

Langford Veterinary Services (in the UK)…

  • Agouti coat color ALC
  • Agouti coat colour Bengal
  • Amber coat colour Norwegian Forest Cat Burmese coat colour
  • Chocolate coat colour
  • Cinnamon coat colour
  • Coat Length
  • Dilute coat colour
  • Siamese colourpoint


  • Brown (chocolate and cinnamon)
  • Dilute
  • Coat Length