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Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D., Professor

Sue Ann Bowling


University of Penn Coat Color Loci

Scientific Articles used for reference

The mutation that causes merle has been identified.

Exclusion of EDNRB and KIT as the basis for white spotting in Border Collies

TYRP1 and MC1R genotypes and their effects on coat color in dogs

The Genetics of Cream Coat Color in Dogs

Agouti Sequence Polymorphisms in Coyotes, Wolves and Dogs Suggest Hybridization

Linkage and Segregation Analysis of Black and Brindle Coat Color in Domestic Dogs

Localization of White Spotting Locus in Boxer Dogs on CFA20 by Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis with 1500 SNPs

A missense mutation in the 20S proteasome β2 subunit of Great Danes having harlequin coat patterning

A SINE Insertion Causes the Black-and-Tan and Saddle Tan Phenotypes in Domestic Dogs

A Noncoding Melanophilin Gene (MLPH) SNP at the Splice Donor of Exon 1 Represents a Candidate Causal Mutation for Coat Color Dilution in Dogs

Mapping of the silver gene in mink and its association with the dilution gene in dog

MC1R Studies in Dogs With Melanistic Mask or Brindle Patterns

The color of a Dalmatian's spots: Linkage evidence to support the TYRP1 gene

Genes affecting coat colour and pattern in domestic dogs: a review

A de novo mutation in KIT causes white spotting in a subpopulation of German Shepherd dogs