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any green thumbs here?

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any green thumbs here?
I'm "flower sitting" my friend's petunias, since she moved to an apartment that gets little sun. Well, they were looking dreadful when I got them, so I dead headed and pinched off the growing points to make them thicker. Then I went through and cut a ton of dead stems off, because, well, it looked terrible. But they are super long. I mean, some of the stems are a couple feet long it seems. I really really am itching to cut them back so that they will look nicer and grow back all full and pretty, but I don't want to do that without asking first. I was wondering, I know with some flowers you can cut them and then just plop the cut ends back into the soil and they will root and grow. Are petunias one of those types of plants? Then I wouldn't feel so terrible about cutting them off...
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Re: any green thumbs here?

I've never done it with petunias.... But they grow like mad, so... Pinch 'em back! No harm in trying it (rooting).

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Re: any green thumbs here?

I have a Swedish Ivy that I clip back and stick the cut ends in a glass of water to root. I've never had one die, yet. Prolific grower, that plant.