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help?! Riot is driving me nuts. She just keeps yowling! I don't mind a talker, Normally she's just cute about it. I talk to her and she meows back and that's about it. She meows when she sees you and when she comes in a room, just like a "here I am, you can pet me now!" kind of thing. That I can handle, I think it's cute. However, now she is just..... YOWLING. All the time! Any time I walk in the kitchen, she wants to go outside, so she starts crying. She has been doing it more and more, for no reason. Her box is clean, she has food, she drinks out of the fishtanks and toilet but never out of her water bowl, though that's there for her, I don't know what else to do for her. She wants to go outside but it's muddy so I dont want to let her out all the time because I have to go traipsing thru the mud to catch her. I dunno, I have tried ignoring her, which doesn't work. Glenn has been locking her in my bathroom when she gets bad, and not letting her out till she shuts up. That seems to work but I feel bad and never think to do it in time, I usually just stomp my feet and chase her off when she's annoying but she just comes back. I wish there was a cat whisperer who could help me haha. How do you tell a cat that it's ok to meow occasionally but not ok to yowl constantly? eta: she is fixed, and has been for quite a while. And she's just about 1 year old, or that's my best guess anyway.
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Have you had her neutered because it sounds like she is in season and calling for a mate?

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I agree, sounds like she's in heat. My part Siamese cat Kitten (that's her name, Kitten...she's full grown lol) is going in very soon for "the fix" as she is coming into heat every 2 weeks now for the past couple's getting old quick lol. She NEVER shuts up unless she's asleep.

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A spray bottle of water...after you've had her checked to make sure there's nothing medically wrong.

She could be yowling from "cabin fever", especially if she is used to being able to go out,and hasn't been able to lately because of weather. But to train a cat to stop doing something, use a spray bottle--one that's got good reach. When she's 'cute' about her meowing, talk to her. When she's not, zap her with a stream of water, but don't say anything. Just the zap. Each time you don't want it. She'll learn.


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My apologies in advance, I'm not being snarky, I am being perfectly honest in a Cat-Whisperer sort of way.

If you decide to use a water squirter, be judicious in its' usage because YOU created this problem SHE is having.
Yes, I said *she* is having the problem, not you. Oh, I agree that her yowling is annoying, but you need to accept and own this behavior because you caused it. Her problem is that you used to let her outside, now you aren't, and she doesn't understand why. Spring is a time of fresh smells, vegetative growth and the return of 'life' in the forms of entrancing movement and smells of little creatures like mice, voles and birds.
She wants to be outside investigating everything and she does not understand why you won't let her.

When I transition my former ferals to becoming indoor cats, you have to be strong and not give in and let them out. Malibu was *very* persistent, though she didn't have a strident meow, it was more of a sick-sounding sort of meeeeaaaaauuuurrrrrrrgggghhhhmmmmmph. Sometimes it sounded growl-y and sometimes it sounded high-pitched and whine-y, but I never gave in. I would look her in the eye and tell her: "No Malibu, you are NOT going outside." then I'd turn and walk away. Sometimes I could distract her with a toy and/or a food treat. Sometimes nothing worked and I'd just have to listen to her until she got tired of me ignoring her.
I know for a fact that if I let her outside, she will begin that behavior all over again, and it has been very nice this last year as she only cries about maybe a handful of times scattered through the year. Something the Husband and I are considering is building a sort of cat kennel/cattery attached to the house that they can access at will for fresh air and a safely contained outdoor area for enrichment and stimulation of their senses. We currently use a super-large dog crate (Great Dane size, wire crate) for kitties to be able to spend time outside but it is small-ish at only 3x5x4tall.
Can you build and/or offer her a compromise like that?
heidi =^..^=

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Yep. I had one start trying it - you must not respond or she will learn that she gets what she wants by doing it.