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Morbid obesity aside....How's he look?

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Morbid obesity aside....How's he look?
Nike is my bestest horse ever, y'all know that. But I was looking at a conformation shot today and I just can't find anything I don't like! I know I'm beyond barn blind though, so I wanted to find out what yall thought of him." onclick=";return false; IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( He doesn't carry his head that high under saddle, haha, he was not enjoying Jazz's company that day. the only thing I really know is that his back is short, but I think it's proportional... A barrel pad hits him at the loin haha! So honestly, help me out here. Because I really want to get better at this! And I want another horse just like him, and I'd like to know what makes him him at least physically. He holds himself in frame so perfectly and effortlessly and he honestly has the smoothest canter I've ever ridden in my life. It's more fun cantering him than riding a gated horse!
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Re: Morbid obesity aside....How's he look?

Well he is but he is a really nice horse Krickette, his pedigree is amazing.

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Re: Morbid obesity aside....How's he look?

Hubby looked at the pix and said - "Hey, somebody else feeds their horses like we do..." :ymblushing: %-( =))

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He has lovely legs. They are

He has lovely legs. They are quite straight, and very well proportioned, with the cannon looking very close to the ideal of half the length of the forearm. The forearm itself has adequate musculature and the tendons appear straight and clean. The knees and hocks could probably be larger. But he has good bone for his size. His pasterns are nicely sloped, and neither too short nor too long. He has a well muscled chest and a very deep heartgirth. His neck is short. It is set up higher, but doesn't tie in all that well to the shoulder. It lacks shape, but he uses it very nicely. The withers are large, maybe just a tad low. He has a good loose skin at the throatlatch, with plenty of room. He flexes nicely at the poll.

His shoulder is straight, very long and muscular. His humerus is quite open. His length of hip is good - not fabulous, but good; and the hip itself is well sloped. His topline is rough and uneven, but he is so close coupled, it probably negates any weakness. The back and loin are very short, and appear broad, if not in particularly good condition at the moment. The croup is adequate in length, but slightly uneven in musculature over the point, which is set behind behind the point of hip. His stifle is not placed directly under the point of hip either, and there is some loss of power there.

He has a very beautiful eye, very typical of the breed: very large, very dark, very attractively shaped and set in the face. He has a somewhat old fashioned, quite masculine head. The moose nose, nicely defined jibbah, broad forehead, and deep jowl are also breed characteristic. He has a large muzzle, and a short mouth. His head is certainly not long, and appears proportional to his build. Along with the lack of curvature in his mandible, there should be space in there for dentition and bitting.

Overall, he has a powerful, but limited forehand. He is built downhill, but his excellent legs, compact body and the ability to flex have been excellent compensation. He stands square and alert, with no glaring weaknesses, in a workmanlike stance. His soft eye and relaxed mouth tell me he has few worries in life.