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Intro :)

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Intro :)
Well I skipped this part and jumped right in, posting fotos and everything already but I'll go back and do proper intros as I should now! I was raised with horses and have always been interested in what color is coming with the next foal. In school, I was the only one in my class that was tickled pink when we got the chapter of basic genetics, and in college, I took every genetics class I could without actually changing my major. I am very interested to learn everything this board has to teach me. Hopefully at some point I will have something intelligent to offer as well! My main background is with the stock breeds so I look forward to seeing the variations across the breeds. My goals for past interest in color genetics have been to make educated guesses about the probabilities of colors of coming foals but hope to broaden my horizons and learn more just for the sake of learning. I currently have a small breeding farm and fotography business. I enjoy longeline and just babies (horses!) in general. I consider myself to be a semi-advanced amateur and I often try to learn as much as possible from various trainers and pride myself on having babies that are tame, responsive, and educated with as little work (and therefore potential leg damage) as possible. I love aqua, teal, and purple, and you all will probably be seeing a lot of this little guy in my posts :flower
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Re: Intro :)

Welcome to the forum :flower :D
I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!

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Re: Intro :)

Welcome, enjoy the banter here and learn - it's fun !

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Re: Intro :)

Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy :D

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Re: Intro :)

welcome! :D

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Re: Intro :)