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FREE Training

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FREE Training
To help increase the chances of horses being saved from the kill pen, I offer free training to anyone in my area (Key Peninsula Washington State) that saves a horse from a kill pen. I have over 16 years experiance successfully showing horses since I was 5 years old in 1995. And I have over 11 years experiance training horses and teaching lessons since 2001 when I finished the training on my BLM mustang, adults who saw me training her asked me to train their horses, and give them and/or their kids riding lessons. I use natural horsemanship. No whips, spurs, chains, or twitches. Too many GOOD HORSES end up in the kill pen. To see show horses, foals, yearlings, kids ponies & horses, gaited horses, and photo & video showing my training and showing results, check out my web site for these horses: