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pre-advertising special - Arabian mare

Jasi is receiving her Spring post-weaning tune up and will go on the market soon, but I thought I'd offer her first here at a reduced rate. [i]Jasminealaddin[/i] is a 2002 dark bay Arabian mare. She does not have her official height card but is approximately 14.1. Her movement is absolutely breathtaking -- this mare moves with [b]absolutely no knee[/b] and passed that movement to her 2008 half-Welsh filly as well. She doesn't flag her tail will hold it out and to the side on occasion. As far as I know her pedigree is unremarkable but she will be a stunning hunter pony and valuable hunter broodmare. I'd let her go now for $3000. That price will go up significantly as she attends her first hunter shows. Photos to be added later today.

Sara Wed, 05/13/2009 - 14:43

I'm selling her just because I need fewer horses. The ones who can stay are the old beloved favorites (Owen, Rosalynn, Isabelle) the retirees (Tiffany, Teddy), and the lesson horses. Jasi is lovely but doesn't have the temperament to be a lesson horse right now and I can't afford to keep something that only I ride. Well, except Isabelle. She may with time and miles because she is smart as a whip and learns incredibly quickly.

If the market were better I'd just breed her every year and churn out the hunter foals because she has the flattest daisy-cutter movement in my barn. Ah, well.

Here are some photos. I need to get better ones but again, this is part of why her price is low. I have not yet put in the marketing effort.

(terrible quality because not only is this a still from a video, I got it by projecting the video onto the wall and taking photos with a regular camera. By the way this is not my student.)

(from that video again)

(she put her head down and to the side here because something had caught her attention but it shows how the rest of her is put together anyway)

(Jasi showing off for the other ponies when I first got her)

Sara Wed, 05/13/2009 - 15:31

And here's what she produces with a Welsh stallion:



Shedding is happening now with a vengeance so it won't be long before I can post new Georgie shots. I was actually pulling clumps of felted pony hair off her belly this morning while she ate until she'd had enough of the tugging at her tender baby skin. Poor thing!