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Bay Silver Dapple ApHC Filly by Champs Guthrie

[img]…] [img]…] Khepri TDS (barn name Cleo) is a uniquely colored solid silver dilute 2008 ApHC appaloosa sport horse filly. She is believed to be the only confirmed silver dilute ApHC in the world! [i]U.C. Davis color tested: Ee AA nZ[/i] Cleo is an absolute sweetheart that greets you every time she can. She is a gorgeous dressage type mover with big ground covering strides with wonderful suspension. She has wonderful conformation, straight legs, good shoulder and hip angles. She also has showed interested and good form over poles. Her sire is Champs Guthrie, a brown silver AQHA stallion (pictured below) [img]…] Her dam, Duchess Dancer, is 1/2 Appaloosa 1/2 Arabian (Absalut/Gai Seance) (pictured below) When her dam was inspected at a BWP keuring the crowd gasped and commented on how breathtaking her trot was. [img]…] Cleo would make a fantastic fancy dressage or jumping prospect for the smaller rider. Or show her in-hand and under saddle first then breed her to a few spot or or snow cap for a future silver Appaloosas. For more photos, pedigree and a video clip of Khepri, please go to [url][/url] [size=150][color=#008000]APRIL SALE[/color][/size] $3750.00 [i][size=85]Price good thru April 30, 2009[/size][/i] Located in NW Oregon

Silver Sport Horses Sun, 04/12/2009 - 10:21

She is a tough one for me. She is a fantastic filly who is quite striking, exotic looking with a lot of presence and potential. She has many attributes that I ultimately want, however, my future goal is silver warmbloods. The best way for me to get there is through TB's.

Let me just say though that is this price is only good through April. If my TB mare doesn't have have a silver filly in May, I will re-evaluate if I will hang on to her or if I will purchase another TB to breed this year. If I decide to still sell her her price will go up.

BTW ... she is about 14 hands to hip right now. We are all surprised at how tall she is since both her sire and dam are just baout 15-15.1.

Silver Sport Horses Mon, 04/13/2009 - 10:57

WOW ... the import fees are incredible!!! I guess it doens't surprise me but it does at the same time just because I haven't really thought about it.

I am considering freezing Guthrie for export this fall but need to look into the costs of quarantine, etc. I have had some interest in Europe and some other places.

TwinCreeks, I agree it would have been nice if she had received the charateristics but I guess its always good to know if bred to a few post or snow cap she could produce a silver with spots :) I am not really interested in breeding Appaloosa's so if I were to keep her I would breed her to a WB. This is of course another reason why I am willing to part with her. I would love to see someone breed silver Appaloosa's with her.

Her dam's owner may repeat the cross this year. She isn't sure yet. Right now the dam is in-foal to a large WB stallion and is due at the end of this month. She will probably decide after she foals.

NZ Appaloosas Mon, 04/13/2009 - 19:50

[quote="Silver Sport Horses"]Just curious ... how much is it to import for you guys? I have an idea of what it costs from Europe but no idea to Australia?[/quote]

The last quote I got, from about 3 or so years ago, was US$12,500. I would have been able to access a more accurate/current actual price as my vet's daughter bought a barrel horse back last June/July, but she left it there to finish the season, get some more training, and then had a football star's daughter fall in love with it, trainer whacked a huge price on it, and said football star wrote out the cheque. So horse never got sent here...