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Hi there, I have just trying to read up on other threads and haven't made it in here yet. My name is Jordan, I'm in DFW, Tx and currently have 1 big bay QH Mare. Oceans Twelve aka Tess. She's a love, we're working on getting her under saddle, previously she was abused and then bred for a foal last year. I'm kind of a dork about color, it's extremely interesting and I'm a sucker for dilutes. I'm not much about white patterns, but gimme a buckskin or dun anyday and I'm happy! I also have two 2yo dobermans, a fawn femal Amara (the princess) and a black male Diesel (the slave boy). My black manx Mr. Wobbles rounds out my pets at home, but hopefully I'll be getting my bird back soon (she was stolen a few years ago and I just found her!) so that will complete the set lol. I also usually have various fosters around the house, right now that means I have a 5 week old puppy with bowed legs. She's a cutie, but I'm soooo over puppies right now! Anyways, Nice to meet ya! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Morgan Fri, 03/27/2009 - 20:57

Welcome! I'll be going down there next month for my trimming mentorships and I was there last year too during superstakes, very nice area!

vneerland Sat, 03/28/2009 - 00:01

Welcome Jordie! Here another texan with a previously abused/neglected hoss.
I started out as a sucker for dillutes and black base, but I am no longer sure what colors I like these days. "Any on a good horse" would probably be the correct answer. I have been corrupted. :o ;)
I have even had a pup with bowed legs. Called him "cowboy" (what else?) but like my vet predicted: he straightened out just fine. I hope your foster does too. So she can move on in life. 8-)

lipigirl Sat, 03/28/2009 - 06:11

Welcome, we love newbies so look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you. :flower

Bannerminis Wed, 04/01/2009 - 10:30

Welcome Jordie from Co. Clare Ireland :D

Adell Wed, 04/01/2009 - 13:20


Its nice to see so many new people :flower