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Due to decreasing use over the years, I have decided to disable the forum functionality of the site.

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Yea, I know its rather late for this but I feel like I never introduced myself to you guys. So heres just a little info about me. I live in central Kentucky and we own around 120 acres of land. I just turned 18 (woot) and I play video games but I love animals, and I will try not to use alot of 'chat lingo' around here. We have 26 horses all together, but I personally have 5 (3 minis,mini donkey and a QH/paint).We have lots of other animals too, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks.... I lurked the old EC page since December and am now really fascinated by genetics and am trying to learn all I can about the different colors and characteristics of them and whatnot. We have never showed a horse but I have always wanted to try it.Also I love to draw. Back to horses, we have QH's and paints and minis and a rescue rocky mountain. Most interesting pattern imo is our mare with the birdcatcher spots ( we used to think it was from scars or bug bites :oops: ,but now we know better lol) :bounce Also, you guys are totally awesome and have taught me so much, thanks!!!! :bounce

Morgan Fri, 03/27/2009 - 18:50

it's great to have you! Theres a few young people around here, I'm 21 myself and been on here since I was 16. You'll learn a lot more than just color from people here. :) this is the only horse forum I visit on a daily, or ever weekly basis.
I dont play video games (I'm not any good at it, too slow lol) but I like more texed based stuff. I play renaissance kingdoms for 3 years and I have a space strategy game I'm playing for a few weeks.

lipigirl Sat, 03/28/2009 - 06:12

Hi CM, good to have you still with us.

Daylene Alford Sat, 03/28/2009 - 09:13

In case some of you don't know CMhorses has been a big help to me with the articles on the site. She has written the dilutions page and also the donkey color genetics page.