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So sometimes good things do happen....


After losing two foals this year Pagan gave me the most exquisite red and white filly at 1.30 this am. Nearly lost this foal, too, the mare was thrashing around in a panic until I got out there and took over....she was very glad to have someone do the work for her and I really did think I had lost her, it was touch and go for a moment as she was wedged solid....just turning her freed her up and she came out, jump started , looked at me as if to say "what are YOU doing there, where's my mother??" and just got up and started nosing around her prostrate Mama!! She is as cute as a button, long long legs and far more white than I would ever want on a show horse but there you go!! Pagan rejected her last years foals, so I am keeping a close eye on her, but she does seem to be quite well bonded to this one, she has been out in the paddock all day and is attentive and careful. She does not have much milk, but the foal has a strong suck and is a determined little madame. Still don't have a name for her...Pagans real name is "Chain Reaction" and the sire is "Mark of Zorro".........I'll have to have a think about it!! No, I haven't taken any pictures, I have not had any sleep for three days........... i-) i-)

Monsterpony Sat, 05/02/2009 - 00:54

How about "Release The Hounds" for a name? Reactions release energy (endothermic ones :D) and Zorro is Spanish for fox, plus, if she is the pistol she sounds to be, then the rest of the horses will need to do something to catch her :D