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What patterns would this guy be considered?

Not mine, but he was a surprise baby for a friend of mine. Classic story, they bought his dam who at the time was pretty lanky and skinny for a 3 year old. A few months later and we notice she's beginning to grow quite the belly and bagging up at the same time. A foal was surprising enough, but they couldn't believe the color on this boy when he popped out. Daddy supposedly was a palomino paint stallion, but they never pushed the issue as far as getting papers on him. Mom is a chestnut appendix mare. Stormy has since been sold and it's now working as a pony horse at the track. I actually wanted to ask about him back when he was born, cause I'm terrible at determining paint patterns..always have been. :P but I didn't really have a camera at the time for pics. Here's Mom: [img]…] And here's Stormy [img]…] [img]…] [img]…] [img]…]

Morgan Thu, 03/26/2009 - 12:39

Hodgepodge! frame and sabino jumped out without a second glance but I think I see splash in the right side pattern where the head is dunked and the way the white runs up the hind leg and flank and covers the bottom of belly. (and only seeing these things on one side is even more of a splash clue)

Simplystarstruck Thu, 03/26/2009 - 21:07

[quote="accphotography"]Out of curiosity. Whereabouts is this colt and/or sire located? There is something eerily familiar.[/quote]

Stormy should still be in Maryland, at least to my knowledge. His former owner, my friend exercises racehorses at the track so someone from there bought him from her as a pony horse. Last I heard he had bowed his tendon, so I think he's still on stall rest. =/

His dam came from something of a broker-type farm that buys/sells a large amount of horses, so the stud bred the mare while he was passing through. (He had gotten out into the mare field one day, so they said. Who knows how many other mares were covered in that time..Lol. ) By the time my friend had realized the mare was pregnant/foaled, the stud had already been sold to someone else, which is why I think they didn't bother to really pursue anything. Not sure if he's still in Maryland or not though.

As far as the patterns go, that's pretty neat that he pretty much shows signs of all three. xD I really wonder what the stud looked like, because I don't think any of us were expecting him to come out the way he did. Especially since mama has so little white on her, haha.