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minimal tobiano TB?

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minimal tobiano TB?

I went out to go see this girl on sunday and thought she had interesting legs? The ermine spots to me say tobi but its the strong haloing that really sells it, it also looks like she should have had a small star on her forehead that got obscured by an ermine mark aswell. Looking back at her lines her sire is really the most white I can find in her lines beyond some small hoof white here and there. One of this guy's foals is a strong sabino and the other is questionably (based off of lineage) and he has one more filly with a seemingly blonde tail but no white.

Both colts come from a dam with stronger white in the linage, making me think that either the sire is sabino with some mild restriction that bred out on those two colts? 

This filly's dam didn't have any exceptional white in the linage, as she lines back to more ire/gb lines which all seemed pretty solid coloured. I can't recall ever seeing a sabino with ermine markings, as I thought it was a hallmark of minimal tobino with a restrictive factor. I know sabino can cause haloing but its also shared with tobi, however, I didn't know tobiano was in racing thoroughbreds?

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She's not Tobiano.    Tobaino

She's not Tobiano.    Tobaino is not known to exist in TB's at all.  It's not a mutation that can hide for multiple generations like frame.    You get an occasional very minimal but then it tends to return to more obvious coloration in subsequent generations.   

It's not that unusual for non Tobiano horses to have ermine spots, they just generally are not as spectacular.  They are the cause of dark stripes in an otherwise white hoof.   

The mare featured in this article is negative for Tobiano and she has quite a few.