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Do you think this boy is Splash?

This is Sunny is an AMHA 2yr old colt. I have tested him on a few things and they go as follows Red/Black Factor - Homozygous Red Tobiano - Negative (in case he was minimal) Sabino - Negative but he does have some roaning so I think he possibly another type of Sabino Silver - Hetrozygous These pics were taken last August as a yearling [img][…] [img][/img] Here is a pic of his sire Seahorse Gold Grand Melody Buckeroo - Buckskin [img]…] And his Dam - Birchwood UK Snowberry a Silver Bay Tovero [img]…] Here is a pic taken of him in his winter woolies in January [img]…]

critterkeeper Sun, 03/01/2009 - 14:39

Yes, I suspect he may be splash. As his sire is a buckskin, did you test him for cream? I only ask because with his shading he could go either way: a dark pali or a flaxen sorrel (i.e. flaxen chestnut). And although I would lean more towards sorrel, when it comes to mini colors I have learned to not trust anything but DNA :-\ :lol: .

Bannerminis Sun, 03/01/2009 - 15:04

Would never even have thought to test him for cream I put the flaxen mane and tail down to the silver gene. I think I might test him for the LWO too as his grandsire is an overo and the dam is Tovero just to know.

Daylene Alford Sun, 03/01/2009 - 15:08

As he is red based silver would not effect his mane and tail. I agree that he is either a flaxen chestnut or palomino. I lean toward flaxen chestnut but wouldn't be terribly surprised if he did test positive for cream. Testing for LWO would be a good idea if you intend to breed him. He's a nice boy BTW.

critterkeeper Sun, 03/01/2009 - 15:09

Silver doesn't show on redbased horses - sorry. It only shows on blackbased (black, bay, buckskin, etc.)

Edit to add: Just a word to the wise, don't let some of the posters (esp. Rabbitsfizz) catch you calling it overo or tovero - those are evil words around here. It would be a tobiano with sabino or splash, or frame, or all of the above, but NEVER would it be a tovero. And what most call an overo (APHA is notorius for that) would be for example: a frame chestnut with splash and sabino (or any combination there of).

Bannerminis Sun, 03/01/2009 - 15:19

Point taken and thanks. I am as I said only learning so I thought that Tobiano and overo combined was Tovero but will try not to make that mistake again :lol:

Thats the only pic I have of the mare do you think she is overo going by what you see? Her sire is La Vista Brilliant Remark he is a chestnut frame overo pinto stallion. I dont have a pic of him but you can see him on this link…

Monsterpony Sun, 03/01/2009 - 15:35

The reason we don't use overo here is that it is a very vague, undefined term. Basically, it means any white pattern that is not tobiano; it can be one or more of any of the other white patterns (frame, splash, rabicano, any one of the sabinos, etc). Rather than saying overo, it is better to just specify which patterns it is.

NZ Appaloosas Fri, 03/06/2009 - 23:57

And the "sabino" test is really only for one type of mutation, which the research has named "sabino-1", which is found pretty much only in a handful of breeds, and I haven't heard that minis were on that list. So I wouldn't rule out "sabino" just on him being negative on SB-1.


Bannerminis Sat, 03/07/2009 - 06:07

I know that there are many types of Sabino and that they only have the test for SB1 but that was all I could test him for as he does have a lot of white going through his coat. My filly tested positive for 1 copy of the SB1 gene. I will test Sunny for LWO and as I am testing I may as well test for cream and find out one way or another but I guess it will be just that he is a chestnut with flaxen.

thorwood Sat, 03/21/2009 - 05:44

Yes, I reckon splash.
I thought bottom heavy face markings were typical of splash????
Also looks like he has pink on chin & hind sock is slightly speared, so I reckon sabino as well.
As for frame, lol, I have learnt here that horses with very little white can be frame, so if it is there in the pedigree I would test for it, to
be on the safe side.

rabbitsfizz Sat, 03/21/2009 - 13:08

:-bd Thank You!!! :-bd

Yes I would call him Splash, the way the blaze falls off the nose is pretty typical.
From the side he could as easily be Sabino, but when you see him from the front he is Splash....BUT I would test him for Frame, for sure, we really do need to know the status of the animals that [i]could[/i] have it, or we are going to get into real trouble a generation or so down the line.
Over here very few people have any idea whatsoever about Frame, let alone the dangers involved, so if there is a chance a horse has Frame (and this one might have) then testing, and putting the results on a website/ad/whatever will get people asking.