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Bay Dun graying out?

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Bay Dun graying out?

We got Jazz When she was 6 months old. We bought her from an older couple who were helping their friend sell their whoopsie foals. She was sold to me as a buckskin, along with a cremello and a Grulla. Since it was not the real owner we bought her from, we don't know here sire or dam nor what her bloodlines are. 

I wanted to know the original color of her. A person off of Facebook called her a Bay Dun who is graying out. She is 3 years old now and will be 4 in April. She has not changed any color since we got her.

It is hard to see, but she does have some "ticking" marks on her in places. Wherw the black of her legs meet the base color, it looks like a bunch of bubbles that almost go to her shoulde.

she is obviously not a buckski, or in the least not a true one. 


I am using my iPhone to type so sorry for any misspelled words. 

Daylene Alford
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I believe that she is graying

I believe that she is graying.  I'm going by the white hairs on the end of her tail.  That is quite often the first sign of gray and given her lack of white there is really no other explanation.  

She may or may not be dun as well.  Gray can often cause false dun marking, many of which can look extremely convincing.  I do believe that she is either dun or buckskin going gray.