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Dun WITHOUT a dorsal?

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Dun WITHOUT a dorsal?

Has anyone ever seen a dun without a dorsal? Is there any mutations that anyone knows of that could do this?

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I remember seeing this horse

I remember seeing this horse on FB, I'm thinking either she is a weird dun, as we do have duns that have broken or smudgey dorsals, or that she is a false positive for dun. I'm pretty sure dun is just a marker test currently so a false positive would not be unheard of, and she could potentially have another gene that is close enough to dun to create a false positive


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Daylene Alford
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Dun is currently a marker

Dun is currently a marker test so a false positive is possible.  The thing that puzzles me however, is her color.  She actually looks dun minus the dorsal.  I have however seen bay horses this color especially very faded ones so???

Her having a second mutation what has the same markers as the current dun test, while possible, is extremely unlikely.  That she is a false positive is the most likely conclusion but it might also be that she has a non-hereditary genetic anomaly (a bit like a somatic mutation) that in effect erased her dorsal.  

It does make you wonder however.  I would be interested in seeing her pedigree.  

Have you discussed this with UC Davis?  They might be interested in having her DNA further tested so as to further their dun study.  

From our gallery here a few bay horses with similar coloring. 

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I have to say I have seen

I have to say I have seen LOADS of Bays that colour- which is why I was surprised by her saying he was tested which is why I asked how reliable the test was, which is why I am back here, hating the format of this flipping.....but I digress!!!

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