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Cremello + Silver and should be tested for LWO

This is Banners Shadow Moon Cruiser a Cremello Colt I had out of my BMHS mare Shadowplay Sahara Moon and by an American Stallion Birchwood UK Sundance. My mare is the Dunalino and the stallion is a Palomino pinto that has frame, silver and possibly splash. The stallion is owned by Slaneyrose Stud and you can see him here As the Stallion carries silver I tested him for it and he is hetrozygous for the silver gene but I have told his new owner (as I forgot :oops: ) to test him for frame too especially if she ever has a LWO+ mare. She very kindly sent me a few updated pics of him now the weather has warmed a little and he is now a 2yr old. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

Bannerminis Mon, 03/16/2009 - 13:38

I will have to ask her what shampoo she uses as he LOVES the dirt. I have a pic of him that I took as a weanling and he was head to toe brown/black except for the underside of his neck and chest and he also looked like he had a blaze :lol: