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Birdcatcher or Tetrarch spots?

This young arabian stallion is one that I photographed for a local farm. Would you think these are birdcatcher spots or Tetrarch spots? He is obviously a grey, which would more likely indicate Tetrarch spots, but the round shape to me is more birdcatcher and they did seem to move from year to year (I photographed him two different summers). Unfortunately they sold this guy and I heard he broke his leg and was put down :(

accphotography Tue, 08/10/2010 - 16:11

Oh he was stunning!!! How sad!!

I say those are Birdcatchers. Too perfectly round and way too white to be Tetrarchs IMO.

These are more what I think when I think Tetrarchs (sorry for the image quality, it was a very dark morning and I didn't see him until he was almost gone):