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Colour rules

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Colour rules

Hello i am new to this group.

for 25 years i bred Shar Pei , i love colours so although i did not understand at first over the years and with the help of friends i began to realise certain "rules" . To me i found the only "true dilutes" were chocolates and lilacs , so a lilac x lilac or a chocolate x lilac mating could not produce a blue or black puppy . i expected and believed this to be the case in every breed. However i have just bred a champagne ( lilac ) x champagne boston terrier i got a blue puppy sp have orderd a DNA test kit as i believe my blue male must have at sometime got to my female although i didnt see it. Yet a lng time breeder of bostons has told me i am wrong and that in bostons champagne x champagne CAN produce blue ? I this possible ? Are what seems a colour rulegor one breed different in another ? sorry for my email being partly written in BOLD i am having computer problems.

many thanks


Daylene Alford
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Usually you would be correct,

Usually you would be correct, all the puppies should be champagne.  However, in very (and I mean very) rare cases mutations can mutate back (Merle is known for this) or new mutations occur.   

I hope you will let us know the test results?  Has the pup been tested for brown?  It is also possible that the pup IS champagne just very strangely colored.