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Another E allele?

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Another E allele?


I have recently found some genetics labs offering tests for an odd allele on the MC1R gene, the Extension gene. 

This lab says it does a test for cocker spaniels for an allele called "Eh" This Eh is apparently different from the other allele like Em, Eg, E, and e; but they do say that it is similar to the Eg allele in salukis. 

"Sable is a coat colour variant in which the expression of eumelanin is partially inhibited. The typical markings are a pale mask and a dark blanket. A mutation at the E-locus, located between E and e, is responsible for this phenotype. It is called eh.

A genetic test is only available for American and English Cocker Spaniel. The corresponding coat colour variant is called “grizzle” in Salukis and “domino” in Afghan Hounds. The mutation in these breeds is thought to be in the E-locus as well, however the genetic test is only validated for Cocker Spaniels."

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 I guess this is this just the grizzle or domino allele under a different name? Anyone know?

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Thank you for pointing this

Thank you for pointing this out to me.    

Apparently  offers this as well.   I asked a few Spaniel people I know and they pointed me to this.  
If you scroll down the the color chart, apparently it interrupts Dominant Black.  Very interesting stuff.