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YAY for sloughage!!


I was able to pull a HUGE chunk of sarcoid off of Lace's ear today. Don't worry, it came willingly. :D It is now the smallest I have seen it so far except maybe for right after the very first treatment (before we stupidly left it alone for 2.5 months except to apply the evil furacin). So YAY for Xxterra! We were contemplating switching to shots, but if it keeps reducing at this rate (this is not the first time it's shed a large amount, this is just the largest amount so far) with just Xxterra then I think we will stick with it for now. I think we could be rid of it in another month or two if the progress continues at this rate. YAY!!!

accphotography Tue, 10/20/2009 - 11:02

Well it's been a learning process because, believe me, it did NOT go so well in the beginning. The vet we were using just really didn't have a clue sadly. She made a bunch of big mistakes. If this had been handled correctly from day one, it would have been gone in a month. As it is we're at 6 months of a ridiculous amount of trouble, expense, work, pain, etc. and it's not even over.

I wish I had a photo comparison that shows what it looked like when our vet said "leave it alone" and what it looks like now. You guys just THINK it was big. It had literally taken over her entire ear. It was truly the length and width of her whole ear. Now it's smaller than a small gumball.

I'm just relieved to have finally learned (ourselves, without vet supervision) what seems to work. I won't have any doubts about what to do if I ever have to treat another one. Being TRULY aggressive is apparently the key. You just can't give them the opportunity to get ahead of you. (IE: We would wait 20 days between treatments like the bottle said, but any remission we had during the treatment was gone and the sarcoid was bigger than what we started with by the 20th day, setting us back each time. Wait 10 days in between instead and get a steady reduction. Also one 7 day treatment instead of 4 as a "booster" at the beginning of this aggressive treatment seemed to really help without causing any additional trouble. Another thing I noticed is that hitting it again with Xxterra while it was still in it's "pus stage" seemed to have a fantastic impact. Check check... gotcha sucker. :rofl )

I'm still very sad we didn't treat this AGES ago when it was just a little nub. We wouldn't have lost half her ear. *sigh* But... at this point I'm just overjoyed to be finally seeing REAL progress.

critterkeeper Tue, 10/20/2009 - 12:20

I am so glad you guys are seeing such a wonderful result and that Lacy is finally getting well. 8-)

As sad and heartbreaking as this experience has been for you guys :( , I know that I had no clue as to how to treat sarcoids before you brought it up here and have learned a lot from your and Lucy's there is a bright side to this ordeal. :flower Give Lacy an extra hug for me... ;)

accphotography Wed, 11/11/2009 - 20:12

Another few large pieces sloughed from the sarcoid over the past few weeks. Just today a VERY large piece sloughed from the ear wall (I'm 100% certain it was a sarcoid "branch") leaving a gaping hole that appears to be sarcoid free. :bounce

So this is where we are now:



accphotography Thu, 11/19/2009 - 18:35


It looks nasty as heck, but I dare you to find a sarcoid in there! :D I know there's still sarcoid tissue left in at least two places, but the BULB that was the sarcoid came off in my hand shortly before that photo was taken.

Dilutes Thu, 11/19/2009 - 19:20

That's great news! You'll be great for advice if anyone on the forum or someone you knows is dealing with the same thing.
I hope I never do!

critterkeeper Fri, 11/20/2009 - 17:31

Yes, those pixs may be graphic, but they serve a very needed purpose in educating us on sarcoid treatment. And the remaining tissue looks to be very healthy.

accphotography Fri, 11/20/2009 - 17:38

Well the girlie is going to get a two or three week break this round instead of 10 days. I can only see for certain where sarcoid tissue is left if I let the ear heal (the normal areas will look healed, pink and grow hair, sarcoid areas will continue to look red and angry). I want to know what's left so I'm giving us all a break for a while... unless it starts evidently growing again. I'd like to be rid of this thing a couple months before we start breeding.