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Buck's injury -progression photos pg3


I'm seriously freaking out right now, two of our stallions broke out and I found Buck grazing happily but he has a horrible scrape on the inside of his back hock and I don't know what to do at all. No money at all for a vet, we are completely broke right now, moms at work and my dad saw it but has to bale hay today. I can try to get a picture but I don't know what to do at all,if it was something smaller I would just flush out with water or alcohol and wrap with cotton but we don't even have cotton anymore. We don't know what he did but we do know that he pulled his gate off its hinges so he could have gotten his leg somehow in that. I'm so freaked out I haven't even began to look for Leo yet.

TheRedHayflinger Sun, 08/09/2009 - 11:54

is it just skin and hair scraped off, no bigdeep gashes or anything? If so, clean it up and put some neosporin or something antibacterial on it.

Morgan Sun, 08/09/2009 - 11:57

If it's deeper, hose it out very well with cold water untill you can see no dirt, then if you have kind of antibiotic (with NO petroleum jelly in it since its a leg wound) smear some on a maxi pad and wrap that over it with whatever kind of leg wrap you may have, if you dont have a vet wrap or a polo or anything you can use strips from a sheet, wrap it up just tight enough to hold the pad in place and tie the ends off to each other. Keep an eye on it after its wrapped that it does not swell and get the bandage too tight, if it swells a lot take bandage off and cold water hose it for like 20 minutes. (do that even if it's superficial and you didn't wrap it)

CMhorses Sun, 08/09/2009 - 12:53

I put some pads with salve on it like Morgan said and then wrapped it with a polo. Two overnight pads still didn't cover the entire area.
This is before I put the bandages on it.They are graphic…" onclick=";return false;…" onclick=";return false;…" onclick=";return false;

Morgan Sun, 08/09/2009 - 13:06

:o Yikes, I see why you were upset! That will make a scar. :cry:
But it looks like a vet wouldn't have been able to do much other than salve and wrap it too. They could probably cut that flap of skin off but it will come off on it's own too. Is there any chance of getting some anitbotics powder or shot? My neighbor's horses tore himself up one time when he was out of town and vet let me pick up antibiotics for him without making a farm call.
Try and restrict movement and do keep it wrapped untill there is a layer of skin, to try and avoid proudflesh.

CMhorses Sun, 08/09/2009 - 13:11

Ugh I don't even want to think of proudfelsh injurys, little Fancy had one last winter that still left a big knot on her leg (we usually check them every few days but since it was winter we didn't so we didn't know she had a cut). We have penicillin and syringes and needles. We have some powder stuff somewhere but I've no idea where. Hes in a stall right now and is prettymuch just standing there but I might have to move him elsewhere because that stall is really dirty and thats the last thing he needs is to get his wound infected.

Forgot to add but I did find Leo and got him back into his stall and he is fine.

TheRedHayflinger Sun, 08/09/2009 - 13:40

ye-ouch...much more than a scrape...i'd call it a gouge.

keep it clean...if possible--vet out. If that just isn't in the cards for you...try to buy some derma gel or something similar to put on it. I had good luck with the derma gel when my haffy got tangled up in some fencing(she was with a friend and it was the barn owner where friend boarded who was at fault...put her in a pasture that had downed fence and no electric running through the fence anyway, full knowing that the pony would go through a fence that wasn't hot)

Good luck.

Heather Sun, 08/09/2009 - 14:59

I just healed one jsut like this, in the very least he needs a tetnus shot... Morgan is right, in the bend of the hock it is slim to none that stitches would hold, polos are very dangerous , dont use them for over night... you need to go to tractor supply and get vet wrap, they are 2$ a piece, no stick gause, the biggest you can get from CVS or the likes, wash with old fashion Ivory dish soap and rise well and my personal fav for ointment is Nolvasan, you cant beat it for anything! Re-wrap every 2 days but goop it up good , no matter how much it looks "proud" keep washing and cover with salve and gause and vet wrap, in 6 weeks you should be able to leave open, it would help if you have SMZ tabs or ticoprim but in the very least wash and cover properly , the tissue will granulate and grow back over

MIne for what its worth looked worse then your horses and this was it 5 weeks out..she had ligiments showing and yours I dont see them at least..


Heather Sun, 08/09/2009 - 15:03

OH I forgot, for the first 4 weeks I used New-born diapers for gause ..its cheap and clean, goup them up with salve and use vet rap over them, I made an unfortunate scar over the back of my fillys leg due to the way I had to wrap it to keep it up but oh well, she isnt lame for life. I can get some current pics of her leg if you like, her injury was on Apr 2 her B-day :sad

CMhorses Sun, 08/09/2009 - 15:40

We have vet wrap and standing wraps [i]somewhere[/i],polos were the only thing I had close by. I put some powder stuff on it and I'm going to have to take off the polo sometime soon and the pads cause they are rather blood soaked,but the bleeding is very slow and I think its starting to stop. Also I don't know what they would even stitch since the skin is gone completely.
This has been such an awful week, first dogs go missing and then we miss the dogs spaying appointment which took two months to get so we have to take her to a regular vet and spend over 100$ when at this place its like 50$, had a chicken die,a duck has gone missing and oh yea...the dogs are still gone, and now this.

lipigirl Sun, 08/09/2009 - 15:49

Heather you did a good job to in prevent proud flesh - I'm impressed. CM the MOST important thing is to keep it clean - if you can give him a penicillan shot but be careful because if he is allergic to it - you could have even worse probs! So ask your parents if he's ever had it before. If you can keep it clean then hopefully it will heal nicely and he wont be lame.

CMhorses Sun, 08/09/2009 - 16:10

He had a penicillin shot about 3 weeks ago due to an abscess in his foot. I can't give shots cause I'm too creeped out by needles,but my mom can when she gets home. Also shes going to get some gauze so we can wrap it better, the pads just don't have enough coverage.

Heather Sun, 08/09/2009 - 16:40

[quote="lipigirl"]Heather you did a good job to in prevent proud flesh - I'm impressed. CM the MOST important thing is to keep it clean - if you can give him a penicillan shot but be careful because if he is allergic to it - you could have even worse probs! So ask your parents if he's ever had it before. If you can keep it clean then hopefully it will heal nicely and he wont be lame.[/quote]

LIpi- I wish I had taken pics sooner in her injury, I was just to PO'd about it I didnt want to ...she had stiches up both side of her leg but it was left unstitched at the hock since it would not have stayed being the bend of her leg, the tissue was "pusy and gross and bublly like proud flesh" but it was re-growing, they put some stitches in the inside of the flap that was hangin down her leg too, he had to "pull" her sock back up..ugh. it really healed better then I had thought , honestly I was prepared for the scar there was I was more upset at the scar I created from wrapping it up over the hock, but there was no way around that, the only way to keep the wrap up on the leg in postition. I will get a current pic. its really much better then that pic now. I took her on a small trail ride today.

Dilutes Sun, 08/09/2009 - 20:36

My mare ended up with the same injury just a couple of weeks ago. I've been using bush honey on a maxi pad (local honey that hasn't been heat treated) over the wound and vet wrapped. Swapping the wrap and honey every threes days (earlier if wrap was coming off). I did a stupid thing and bought a 'medical' spray that stated it was for wounds on horses. I didn't realise it would dry it out which is the opposite to what the honey does. Ideally you want to keep it moist which the honey does, as well as act as a barrier (plus honey works as a natural antibotic/antiseptic cream).

I had to get the vet out because my mare got lame after using the stupid medical spray. It was oil based (I didn't realise stupid me). I had sprayed it around the wound and thought it had dried before bandaging. The bandage ended up tightening because it was very slightly damp. My mare didn't want to bare weight on it because it was suddenly sore. Of course this encouraged more swelling arghhh.

Anyway long story short, vet agreed what I did was wrong and that the honey applications I had been using and do use normally, was the ideal treatment. I'm back to using it again. The vet gave my mare a penicillian shot and gave me some bute. She said if I had stuck with the honey and bandaging, she didn't feel she would have needed to come out anyway as my mare hadn't been lame up until I stuffed up with the medical spray :BH .

Krickette Sun, 08/09/2009 - 23:38

hose it hose it hose it hose it!!! Look up water treatments, mom says she's seen horses cut to the bone and hosing it every day did wonders. With something like that it's likely a vet can't even stitch it.

CMhorses Mon, 08/10/2009 - 02:12

We hosed it for about 20 min when mom got home. We had to fight him (and then desensitize him) to accept the hose but after that, he stood fine.

CMhorses Mon, 08/10/2009 - 17:23

Mom borrowed money and called the vet today,he came out and didn't really do much different than we were doing already. Just gave him a tetanus and penicillin shots and gave us some bute and antibiotic tablets as well as some really thick cotton bandages, and he cut the little bit of loose skin off.Still cost us a hefty 300$ :shock:

Heather Mon, 08/10/2009 - 17:56

The shot and anitbotics are worth it, mine cost me 368$, so not far off. And I had my own drugs to use, it was jsut for the stitching and the sedation and tetnus. Thankfully I have a jug of SMZs and a bucket of Bute already LOL (orange flavor ) :flower

supaspot60 Mon, 08/10/2009 - 18:40

that is shocking ! :shock: my vet would only charge about 70 - 80 euros for that visit and treatment

lipigirl Tue, 08/11/2009 - 03:26

[quote="supaspot60"]that is shocking ! :shock: my vet would only charge about 70 - 80 euros for that visit and treatment[/quote]

I have to agree that would cost me no more than £100...having said that it was almost certainly the right thing to do, if you do have any complications you can always consol yourselves that the vet has seen him and is happy with him.

critterkeeper Tue, 08/11/2009 - 10:22

A lot of the US vets charge not only by the visit, but also by the mile for farm calls. Say your farm is 25 miles from the office, you'd pay for the farm call (usually around $35-75 dep. on state where you live) plus milage (anywhere from 50 cents a mile to a dollar a mile). Average would be $50 plus $18.75= $68.75.

I am fortunate that even though my primary horse vet's clinic/hosp/barn is over 30 miles away, he routinely does testing/exams on all the livestock at the auction barn about 5 miles away. I always book on auction days and only pay him for the difference between the auction barn and my place at $.50pm plus the $35 farm call = thats only $37.50 for the farm call total (plus meds/treatment). If I go to his office its only $20 office visit/exam.

CMhorses Tue, 08/11/2009 - 11:27

He said the majority of the cost was the medicine which was a big bottle of bute,and two bottles of antibiotics I think. Did I mention this was the same vet that caused my moms favorite stallion's death? He is the closest one around so she has to call him when something comes up :|

lipigirl Tue, 08/11/2009 - 14:41

We also have call out charges - difference is for most of us here there will be a vet only minutes away.....we don't have that many vast areas like you guys do.

critterkeeper Sun, 10/25/2009 - 18:13

Much improved. He has made great progress, but he's still got a ways to go yet...poor darling. I am just so glad that Star's forehead healed up as well as it has - it was very nasty...maybe I can get pixs this weekend.

CMhorses Sun, 12/27/2009 - 13:10

No pictures because I left my camera cord at college, but we decided it is healed enough to stop bandaging it. Also he is much much happier to not have that huge bandage and got some turnout a few days ago for a few hours (though that wasn't that great for his leg, he enjoyed it more than anything). It is smaller than the size of your palm, and is scabbing over. Hopefully in the spring he should be healed enough for full turnout again.