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2 year old APHA mare

I know she is rump high and has a hay gut and she allways washes out in pictures but still, critique V? [img][/img] Dad's garden in the background. It may look rough be we have more pickles than we know what to do with now. :shock: [img][/img] (please ignore the scrap metal, it was a huge pile of half burnt rocks and metal that dad was scraping to clean it out this weekend.) I also found a new spot :P the big one I found when she was a few weeks old and its been growing but now there is that tiny one behind her shoulder, it must have been like 1 colored skin cell when she was born. :laugh1 [img][/img]

lipigirl Tue, 07/21/2009 - 14:27

Firstly I want to say that I love her head and expression - she's lovely. She is a little camped under and her shoulder is also quite upright....other things would be REALLY nickpicking so wont bother. She will make a lovely riding mare. :flower

Morgan Wed, 07/22/2009 - 19:59

Anyone else? Don't be scared. I feel like I know most of her faults but I want to learn. :D Just tell me like she was in a conformation class.
I will note that she is bred [i]mostly[/i] for western pleasure but should be able to dabble in most other stock horse events.

CMhorses Wed, 07/22/2009 - 20:19

Now I'm not that great at conformation, but she does look nice, straight legs, nice neck, a little high in the rump but she looks great. She doesn't look that much like a stock horse to me, looks really fine boned-delicate; I like her.

Jenks Tue, 08/11/2009 - 07:49

May I just say how short her hooves are? I'm so used to abnormally long ones! It's hard to tell because she's not standing square, but do you practice keeping the hoof angle and the pastern angle the same?

She's 2. I'd not look too hard at her. She looks pleasant and is paying attention. Nice shape to her head - I think she'll grow and it will be small in the end. She does not quite have mare ears! She's got a decent poll and clean throat latch. A little knife-necked, long, weak gaskins, and a little fine boned with small joints. She has more growing to do. Nice hip, and though peaky, pretty short coupled! She may be a little long in the loin. Since she's not square it's hard to tell but her shoulder looks nicely open.

Morgan Tue, 08/11/2009 - 08:23

Thanks! :D
For the hooves, yes I do try to keep the angles right but she's kind of a pain, she'd been trimmed a few days before I think. Fronts are good but these kind of horses that move with their hind ends under them all the time tend to smash down the hind heels, so when the toe grows the angle goes down. It's a contant fight too keep them in check. She has good concavity in all 4 though, I've kept them short since she was born so they never dropped. Her mother is the same way with the hind feet, when I got her her they were extremely bullnosed with no heel at all, they are nearly normal now as long as I don't let her get overdue.

vneerland Tue, 08/11/2009 - 09:03

Jenks, what on earth are mare ears? :? :o
I did not pay attention to the feet before but wow, indeed, I have never seen such a set of short well kept hooves before.

Morgan Tue, 08/11/2009 - 16:55

[quote] I have never seen such a set of short well kept hooves before.[/quote]

Thanks, she's owned by an OCD trimmer :oops: :laugh1

[quote="Jenks"]Mare ears are big![/quote]
Lol! Well, she certainly didn't get her ears from her mother! Stallion owner said he usually throws tiny ears on his colts but somehow V got them too. he seems to have shrunk the nose as well. :D
mare after coming home from breeding barn and getting a bath (had to cut her mane, someone ate most of it :( ):
By the way, in case you're wondering where all the white came from note the stallion's blaze and white tail tip. I knew he was a splash but I got a little more than I bargained for. :shock:

Jenks Tue, 08/11/2009 - 17:22

Ah yes! That is them! LOL ~

I think V has quite a bit of filling out to do judging from her parents. Wow - look at his short cannons! How tall are the parents? Mare has a boo-boo? On the front left?

Typical 2 year old! I can't wait to see her once the top end finishes growin!

Morgan Tue, 08/11/2009 - 17:36

Yes, it's an old scar from before I got her, dunno what happened.
Dam is 14.1hh and sire is 15.3. I've measured her every which way since she was a yearling and it keeps coming out that she should be 15.2 when she's done. Currently 14 hands in the front and 14.3 in the rear (more or less). Dam's sire is 15.2. And I remember her dam being around 15. Classy just just forgot to grow legs. :lol:

all that sass Fri, 08/21/2009 - 13:15

IMO her neck is a bit short and low set. depends what you are going to do with her, but i don't imagine it would be an issue. i think she has a nice shoulder, but a straight stifle and is sickle hocked. maybe a touch long through her loins, but has a nice expression and i think she looks very quiet and level headed. certainly wouldn't turn her away if she showed up at my door!