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finals....kill me.

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finals....kill me.
i have finals. 4 of them. in the next 2 days... i've not studied nearly enough for any of them... i'm gonna die. went to bed at 6 am, woke up at 930 and got coffee.... going to spend most of today in either the library (better) or coffee shop (not as good but not all alone) and now a basic summary of how i feel: x_x ~x( :!! #-o @-) 8-} (-| i-) 3:-O 8-| :(( :-\ IMAGE( :-t :-?? :ympray: :BH :sad :puke (IMAGE( needs a new cue...its the same as :( )
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Re: finals....kill me.

Wow Krickette - that is a wide range of emotions, and not necessarily good ones either. That said, I am going to be your conscience: GET STUDYING :whip ....

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