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RIP Sabino Scapegoat

Thank you Nerd for making this image

In the beginning we had Sabino and Sabino was good and we loved it. We attributed markings to it...alot. It was was our favorite scape goat. “It's Sabino!” was often heard (most often when we can no idea what was actually causing the white spotting). Then the researchers at University of Kentucky located the mutation for Sabino 1. We were so excited! Soon, we thought, they will locate more Sabino...but they didn't. Then there was a breakthrough! But wait, it wasn't Sabino, it was Dominant White. “What the heck is Dominant White?” we all asked. It was soon explained. Dominant White looked like Sabino, but was inherited as a dominant and was embryonic lethal when homozygous while Sabino was an incomplete dominant. Ok, So no big deal, we can live with this. They'll find more Sabino soon. That's what we thought...but they didn't. First came W2 then the count is up to W20. And W20, so lovely to behold, it isn't embryonic lethal when homozygous and when mixed with W5 acts as an incomplete dominant...shouldn't that make it Sabino? Yet, somehow it doesn't...

So where does that leave Sabino? Well, we still hear of white markings being attributed to it, usually when they can't be easily classified, but the dirge is playing for Sabino. After all, is it really Sabino? Isn't Dominant White more likely? Well, we will always have Sabino1...