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Double Dilute

A double dilute will have two copies of the cream gene.  This will include Cremellos, Perlinos, and Smoky Creams.  All double dilutes have similar characteristics including blue eyes, pink skin, and, although the body color may appear white, it is actually a light cream.  White markings can usually be seen against the cream coat. It can be very difficult to distinguish between the three different double dilutes without genetic testing.  Even those with experience sometimes get it wrong.

Cremello is two cream genes on a red base.  Genetically this is ee CrCr.  Cremellos will be a light cream with a white mane and tail.  

Perlino is two cream genes on a bay or brown base.  Perlinos will have a light cream body with a brownish or reddish tinge to the mane, tail, and points. Genetically Perlinos are E- A- CrCr or E- At- CrCr.

Smoky cream is two cream genes on a black base.  Smoky Creams will have a slightly darker body shade than Cremellos and Perlinos with the brownish or reddish tinge present over the entire body.  Genetically Smoky Cream will be E- aa CrCr.