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Champs Guthrie's Legacy ... The silver continues!

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Champs Guthrie's Legacy ... The silver continues!
Hello, This is Monique Matson, Champs Guthrie's, owner from 2005 - May 2010. During that time our farm name was Meadow View Farm. We are now Safyre Sporthorses. I wanted to share some wonderful updates over the past few years. In May 2011 our homebred Champs Guthrie's son, Andretti MVF, owned by Talia Chaffee of Silver Spring Farm sired a bay silver minimal overo APHA filly. Talia named her Varzea. She is believed to be the 4th silver APHA. May/June 2011 - Safyre - brown silver AQHA appendix mare by Champs Guthrie was bred & confirmed in-foal to 16.2 Oldenburg Sir Gregory. Also Talia bred her two silver mares to bay silver AQHA, Andretti MVF. July 31, 2011 I received an unexpected early phone call from Guthrie's last owners. A mare he covered just before he passed away had a blue roan colt. They neamed him Thor. In August 2011 Safyre was presented to ISR/Oldenburg for approval and acceptance into their mare book based on her 58.5% TB blood. She scored 102 pts receiving and 8 for her walk, 7 for correctness of gait, 7 for breed & mare type, 7 for overall development, 7 for head, 7 for hind legs, 6.5 for swing & elasticity all other scored were 6's. She was just 3 points away from a Premium score!!! Black silver mare, Montana TDS, by Champs Guthrie owned by Silvermoon Stables was bred to Oldenburg stallion, Commonwealth. April 29, 2012 - Andretti 2nd foal was born. Talia's mare had a black/brown silver tobiano colt. He is quite the looker! Talia has sent in his hair for testing. He could be homozygous for silver and for black. This colr is believe to be the 5th silver APHA. May 1, 2012 - Safyre has a bay filly! Mom and baby are doing great! Although she didn't receive the silver gene we are absiolutely thrilled with her!!! *** DUE *** Talia's mare Angel is due in May/June. Foal is by Champs Guthrie's, Andretti MVF Also Montana TDS is due late summer/early fall. GridIron MVF continues to win at Halter & Under Saddle in Dressage & Western. Leonti MVF showing career should really take off this year. He has been doing wuite well though. Smokin' Sugarfoot has also won in Halter. RoseMari was sold to an AQHA breeder of grullas. She may be bred this year for a hopeful black silver grulla. Solena was sold to a Friesian & Dressage breeder. Her plan was to breed her for silver Friesians. I have not heard yet if she will be bred this year or not. As for me, I currently own Safyre & Khepri. Khepri is believed to be the only silver ApHC still. And of course a new wee grand baby, Sachi. I haven't decide if I will breed the girls this year or not. I am leaning toward holding off and riding for a while. I am still working on the Silver Equine website and Facebook page & group. I have been very blessed to have owned Guthrie all those years and to now see how his personality and quality is continuing through his foals. Hope you enjoy the update! I am doing some updating but you can see photos of most everyone on my website -