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like wlshies and BRP?

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like wlshies and BRP?
Cllynncopa stud is having a dispersal. I know there will be some i shall drool over but never be able to afford, so i thought i would share my drool subject! most recent comment was that there would be a catalog on the David Carson website on Monday. CLLYNNCOPA STUD On behalf of Barbara and Grant Evans of Orton Ontario, Canada. A complete dispersal of the ponies at the stud will be held sadly due to illness. There will be approximately 72 quality Imported and homebred registered section B Welsh ponies, British riding ponies, and partbreds. Top Downland and British riding pony bloodlines. Sale to be held at 3pm, July 14th, 2009 On the site of David Carson Sales Listowel, Ontario, Canada" onclick=";return false; Catalogue will be available on Carson's website after July 1st, 2009 Coggins, health papers and shipping can be arranged for transport over the U.S border for buyers at their request. For further Information contact: David Carson Sales 5531 Perth Line 86 RR #3 Listowel, ON N4W 3G8 (519)291-2049 Canada: Prue Richardson – (519)941-2878 U.S.: Sandy Costanzo-O’Brien – (703)431-7861