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Where do I start.....?

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Where do I start.....?

Hello and pleased to meet you, too! :-D

Firstly, thanks to my friend Marion who pointed me in this direction - I think she's a member on the Equine side mainly but like me, has interests elsewhere. Don't know her username on here, so let me know who you are :)

I've had more or less a lifelong interest in small animal coat colour which started about 35 years ago when I was breeding & showing rabbits and bought Roy Robinson's book 'Colour Inheritance in Small Livestock'. Later I went on to own/breed rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas and cavies so I learned from his book as I went along.

I was involved in cats for some time in the 1980's and used to show Orientals, and my understanding of colour genetics came in useful there particularly to breeders who were developing new colours.

I have two dogs now and though I don't breed or show them, I'm getting more and more interested in canine genetics, which seem a lot less studied and known than in other species. My interest began with my first dog, a Belgian shepherd cross and I just had to try and work out how I got a fawn/sable puppy whose parents were both black..... it defied my logic, anyway! So it has been interesting to look at various dog breeds & colours and see what I learned in the past about colour inheritance applies to them, too.

Oh and by the way I live in the UK :)

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Yes that' s me LOL. Dog

Yes that' :toast s me LOL.
Dog genetics is interesting and not something I know much about, so its good to come here and learn :)

Don't know how the rogue smilie got in there but I like it so I'll leave it there!

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Grey mane and grey tail and green stripe on her back
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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome :ymcowboy: