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Well, I should probably introduce myself all official-like.

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Well, I should probably introduce myself all official-like.
Hi. You may know me from horsegroomingsupplies where I go by Kelpie, or CotH where I go by... I think it was LochKelpie? (I rarely post there.) And when I say "Kelpie," I mean the Scottish fairy horse, not the dog breed. I'm pretty sure a Scottish kelpie would eat a kelpie dog for breakfast, quite possibly in a very literal way. I'm a generally nerdy type of person (Star Trek, ASOIAF, geology, etc.) and I've been interested in the genetics behind horse colors since before I had a horse. Speaking of, who cares about me when there's a HORSE to look at?! This is JSL Psyches Magic (I call her Pyrros), showing off her colors: IMAGE( This is her just showing off: IMAGE( Her sire: IMAGE( Her half-arab dam: IMAGE( Her APHA grandsire: IMAGE( She's a sweet horse, though she does require some convincing when what she wants to do does not align with what you want to do. I'd like to use her for endurance if I ever have the extra income to afford it. Also, if I ever have the extra disposable income, I would like to test her for a few colors. She obviously has splash and some form of sabino (I like to say "spla-bino" for the oh-so-frequent combo). I'm torn on whether or not she has frame. I believe it's obvious in her grandsire and her dam. I also think the spot on her side and spots on the inside of her upper back legs resemble frame, but she has SOOOOO much white on her lower legs. Frame usually does such a good job of eradicating white on the legs that I wonder if that spot on her side isn't just an expression of spla-bino. Anyway, I'd like to test for frame, sb1, and agouti.
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Welcome! Your girl is very

Welcome! Your girl is very nice. I think she is frame because of the location and jaggedness of the belly spot and also the top heavy blaze (which is very cool btw).

Glad your here, hope you enjoy the site.

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Welcome again! With Pyrros

Welcome again!

With Pyrros pedigree frame is a possibility. Especially with how 'on the side' the spot is and how boldly top heavy the face white is. I hope you can test her! If she is positive that would be interesting because of her high whites.

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Thanks! Oh, I also believe


Oh, I also believe she is flaxen, but a very subtle expression of it. I don't know a lot about flaxen so I may be completely off base, but my guess is that it works much like silver -- it can be dramatic or barely show up at all. (Thinking of that silver buckskin with the black mane and tail, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't even show up at all at times.) You can see both her sire and dam were flaxen, though it's more subtle in her dam.


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I say yes on frame as well

I say yes on frame as well based on the belly spots and irregular leg markings.


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She has what I 'named' a

She has what I 'named' a 'bullet blaze'...that spot of colour in her white blaze. As to why "bullet blaze', well, I was just a kidlet when Hoss, on Bonanza used to ride a horse with a big blaze with one of these 'holes' in it, and it looked to me like a bullet hole. Always intrigued whenever I see one...


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Welcome :newbie ! Sorry it's taken me so long, but its weaning time and I am BUSY (throw in FB games and you get the idea :bounce ).

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