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Are we operating in???? what time zone? Does it stamp the person who's postings' time? I noticed mine are correct, but there are some posted for tomorrow for me... Maybe I'm insane. yes.
Daylene Alford
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Re: Time?

Lol who was it? I want to see...

NZ Appaloosas
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Re: Time?

Probably me! LOL I'm always a day ahead of y'all.


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Re: Time?

I was noticing the same thing but I think I figured it out. When you are signed in on the Color Info site it doesn't mean you are signed in with the forum. When I sign in with the forum it has the correct time as well as it tells if there are new posts. But if I don't sign in then the hours are all screwy. So, yes there are posts that would be say they are from tomorrow because the time is way ahead when not signed in. Hope that helped. :)