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Talk to me about... Reverse Dapples... ***Photos added***

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Re: Talk to me about... Reverse Dapples... ***Photos added***

So a southern lady meets a northern lady and, being polite, says "Where y'all from?"

The northern lady says, indignantly, "Well, whence I come, we do not end our sentences in a preposition."

The southern lady responds, "oooookay then, where y'all from, bitch?"

It's the only joke I can remember. Never fails to get a laugh.

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Re: Talk to me about... Reverse Dapples... ***Photos added***

*Snicker* I think I found another word I need to sensor :laugh1 :laugh1

I think I first heard that one from my hubby...Its still funny though...except a true southern lady would never refer to ANY women in such a way :laugh1 :laugh1

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Re: Talk to me about... Reverse Dapples... ***Photos added***

Oh, I admit, there are definite "regional" colloquillisms (y'all is a big one) that have snuck into my normal everyday speech, and do show up in my typing, and in fact, there are certain "internet" typings that try to crop up in my business writing (lawyer asked me if it was an American way of spelling to type [tho'] for [though]), and there are definite differences between business writing and literary writing (and I usually go for the literary for my business writing :laugh1 ). But when things like "eubonics" is passed off as a 'viable' language, I really do have to wonder whether the H*E*DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS our grandkids are going to be able to hold conversations with us.