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Stepping out of the shadows...

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Stepping out of the shadows...
I have been lurking around the forum for about a year now, and have finally started posting. So I thought I better introduce myself :grin: My name is Katie (because that wasn't completely obvious lol), and I hail from beautiful Perth in Western Australia. I was that crazy girl that was obsessed with horses all through school, and just never grew out of it. Currently I am horseless, but taking lessons once a week to improve. I am also a full time student, studying teaching, and a full time Mum to three kids - a almost five year old boy, and 17 month old twin girls. My fascination with genetics began with mice as a kid, but I never really understood the genetics of the mice lol. I then moved into feline genetics, and learnt a bit about that, as my Mum bred Siamese and Orientals for a while. However, my love of genetics blossomed when we finally got the internet at home, and all of a sudden I knew what made that palomino that colour. I would say I am still a beginner though, because there is so much still to learn :HB Those on might know me as Chiilaa, that is the only horse related forum I am a part of... So far :rofl
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Hello and Welcome! We are

Hello and Welcome! We are always happy to have new members. Feel free to poke around and ask lots of questions.


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:newbie Sorry I'm so late in sending out a welcome, but it will be coming up onto weaning season around in about 6-8 wks or so. Needless to say, I have to do a lot of hands-on training ~x( ....and my blasted colt, Thor, is a handful and a half... :BH I go by Kylene and my hubby, a truck driver, and I live on a nice farm just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in northwestern North Carolina. I have too soft of a heart so everytime I turn around someone is call me to take in a "rescue" or "homeless" critter of some sort (everything from pygmy goats to Tennessee Walking Horses...even a pig once... with dogs and cats making up the majority of the "saves".)

Right now we live with 10 horses: a gelding, Darwin; 1 cremello stud, Sombra de la Luna {Luna}; 3 chestnut mares, Akina's Destiny{Desi}, Maya, Poco Smokey Valley {Val} and a bay Paint mare, Lookin at the Moon {Patches}; a 2 yr old, Maya's Golden Hind {Deer or Goldie}; a yearling, Poco Smokey Delight {Delight}; and the 2 soon to be weanings - 3 month old Destiny's Storm {Storm} and 2.5 month old Maya's Mason Gold {Thor}. I had a bay retired rodeo bucking mare, Samantha, but was finally able to find a new forever home for her this past month...yippie.

We also have 2 beagles: Count Chocula and Cashboxx; an Australian Shepherd, Blue Belle, and a Rottweiler/Aus. Shep. cross, Ghost. Ooops and can't forget my service dog, Abigail Scuito (from NCIS), call name Abby, who is an Eng. mastiff. Okay and can't forget all the barn cats: Phantom, Shaggy, Draco, Mikey, Bootsy, Myne, Nappie, Button and the 4 flame color points - Isis, Icy Ice, Doc and Momma: we know there are 2 hereto unnamed kittens hiding under the barn, but until the come out (usually around 3-4 wks) we can only describe them...a solid black Manx and a tabby with loads of white.

Okay and now for the birds: 2 cockatiels, Pepe and Kiran; 6 bantams, Lacy and Mille are the only named ones; 2 guineas, Buckwheat and Jam; and about 2 doz. laying hens of various breeds (get white, cream, green, blue and brown eggs).

Kylene "A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." ~ Anonymous