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Photos of old horse photos

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Daylene Alford
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Photos of old horse photos
I took these with my cell phone while at Wall Drug in SD and completely forgot about them. I took pictures of all the horses in the photos that looked interesting. I just liked the one with the Calvary officer. We also passed a really awesome pinto that had a mostly white head with black rings around his eyes...Hubby wouldn't stop so I could take a picture. He just doesn't understand what is important....
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Those are neat, lol I know

Those are neat, lol I know right? I saw a really neat dun horse the other day that was in this pasture that has random horses in it from time to time. It looked red dun maybe but it was a really different looking shade with tons of dun factor, I couldn't get a picture before they moved him out. I'm keeping my eye out to see if they move him back in.