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ovarian tumors

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ovarian tumors
Does anyone have experience with this? I'm going to get V checked after the the spring cycles have settled down to be sure it's not just that but she has been, for the lack of a better description: an irritable, agressive pain in the ass bitch for about 6 months to a year now and it's only getting worse despite my best efforts trainingwise. Her hind hooves have been getting harder and harder to handle. Full out kicking with both hinds when I tapped her on the rear yesterday with the long whip to scoot her over. It takes 15 minutes of "negotiating" to get her to offer a hind hoof without kicking and squeeling at me. She's been rearing, biting, kicking, charging, wanting to play rough with me, honestly it's like handling a hyper stud colt. She's studdy in other ways too, obsessed with food and socializing, and gets upset when I remove manure. She'll be happy and freindly and puppy dog and then anything happens to annoy her and BAM. Really agressive toward my dad (who never handles her so she's bossing him). She's been sensitive to touch but I was atributing it to ticklishness as I never could ride with leg contact on her mother, but I'm leaning more toward discomfort with everything else added up. She is still cycling normal (pretty strongly) and will tease any gelding, she's been in heat for about 2 weeks this time. I just feel like I should get her checked out and find or rule out any issues before I try to ride her. Everything I've read seems like the only treament is surgery (like $2000 %-( ) but I'd reallllly like her to be happier and safer. :-? .