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Hi Everyone My name is Melinda. Firstly thank you to Daylene for setting me up an account (this site doesn't like my e-mail address). Hi to Danni as I see she is also a member here and hi to all those I have yet to meet :-h I have Gypsy Cobs, but you probably guessed that by my user name, we also have Arabians (my first love), Welsh, TB's, WB's, SB's and Shetlands. We have black, bay, brown, chestnut, grey, tobiano's of various colours, Silver bay and black, Spotted, Pally, Cremello and Buckskin! I'm a bit colour mad... I don't know if I have a current favorite but am very partial to dilutes. The Cobs are really what sparked my love of all sorts of colours I guess but I have always loved spotted's and black since I was little and of course Bay as most of my horses growing up were bay. I had a theory that bay horses were the best fun of all the coulours :) I joined this forum in the hopes of learning more about colour genetics and also learning what various causes there are for pink skin (just as pink as any double cream) underneath a coloured coat despite the lack of white markings but I will post about that in the right spot. Looking forward to meeting and learning from you all. Melinda
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Opps, I read this and then

Opps, I read this and then got busy doing something and didn't reply ymwhisle (I don't forget things often ask anyone here.... :twisted: :rofl )

We're glad you joined. Your boy is very interesting.