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My 2011 Foals

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My 2011 Foals
All my 2011 foals have all arrived safe and sound, I am very pleased with what I have bred this year... with two colts to sell and one filly to retain, couldn't be happier :love First, 25% Arab, chestnut frame overo colt with one blue eye "Bandit" (Arabec Extravaganza x Deep Fields Gidget) born 3rd Oct. IMAGE( Second, 75% Arab, bay minimal frame overo colt with two blue eyes "Joker" (Arabec Extravaganza x Tanilba Tehala Exscapade) born 7th Oct. IMAGE( Last, but certainly not least, 50% Quarab filly, bay frame + tobiano with two dark eyes,*Un-named* (Mustalla x Sheza Hustlin Honey) born 12th might remember Honey when I was enquiring about her Dun factor. IMAGE(
Daylene Alford
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Congratz on your babies! I

Congratz on your babies! I really love the markings on the last one.

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They are all lovely - I agree

They are all lovely - I agree with Admin and congrats.

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Oh lovely, congratulations!!

Oh lovely, congratulations!! And yes agree with the others, that last foal has such cool markings!!

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Congrats on your gorgeous

Congrats on your gorgeous babies

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