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Minimal Frame

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Minimal Frame
Found this colt in my internet travels, can't post the pic, so go to the link & scroll down to DMB the Investigator." onclick=";return false; Just highlights how important it is to test when there is known frame breeding, even if the horse has very little white.
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Re: Minimal Frame

wow! i don't think i've seen that little white on a frame on anything but a mini!


NZ Appaloosas
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Re: Minimal Frame

Don't start on frame...I deleted a whole raft of emails (digest form) because one of the first posts was how a breeder had lost a newborn to OLWS...and yes, this was a stock horse breeder :BH :BH :BH :BH


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Re: Minimal Frame

The easier the information is to find, the more likely that people will test their horses before breeding. Start on frame, end on frame, but without talking about it no one will know. That is a fantastic example of a minimal frame and a responsible breeder who tests obviously and advertises their status. And after what happened to Jodi? If Lacy were younger and I was going to breed her? I'd ask to see the actual test results before booking.

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Re: Minimal Frame

Awesome example.

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Re: Minimal Frame

I will be asking for actual test results on any stallion I breed to with very rare exception (Arab from well known lines is probably the only one).