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how much white ??

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how much white ??
I am pretty sure sabino can produce a maximum white. (defining maximum white as perhaps 90% or more, enough white the the actual pattern isn't easily discerned) Can Splash produce a maximum white? What about Frame?? Kinda seems frame might be restricted by the 'frame' idea. I have heard of a minimal Tobiano, just a speck of white on the main body color how much white can a tobi have and still be a tobi?
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I think max white splash is

I think max white splash is possible, but I think other factors like being ee and having pattern boosters like sabino contribute. Not sure if Splash alone can make an all white horse.

And since we have Sabino 1 we do know at least one sabino can make max white. :)

As far as tobiano the amount of white doesn't matter genetically speaking. You could have a Moroccan tobiano with just a dark head or a minimal tobi with a single sock and they are both tobi. But the minimal one would be mistaken for 'solid'. Guess it gets down to genotype vs phenotype stuff.