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Homo Tobiano

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Homo Tobiano
Hi new to the forum , and have founfd all the information so far very interesting and well explained sorry if I spell these names wrong, I was just wondering can you get a Homozygus Tobiano from one tobiano parent and one solid parent? I didn't think you could but I have seen a stallion advertised as Homozygus Toby and he has on patterned parent and one solid parent?
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Re: Homo Tobiano

I am very new to coat-pattern genetics, but I would think you could only get a homozygous Tobiano from a Toby/solid cross if the solid (possibly a minimal tobiano?) had a Tobiano gene to give to its offspring.

Because anyone can say anything, proof would be genetic testing, right?

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Re: Homo Tobiano

Yes, both parents have to carry tobiano in order for their offspring to be homozygous for it. But, occasionally, a tobiano will have such a low expression of pattern that they don't even have any body spots. This is sometimes called a "slipped" tobiano. They often have 4 white socks, often a two toned tail, perhaps some white at the withers or, throat or at the hindquarters near to the base of the tail. Rarely, they can have even less white, though this usually occurs more in minis. They usually have little to no face white, which makes the pattern striking.

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Re: Homo Tobiano

It can be as little as two white socks behind, as in my filly (although, to be 100% honest I have just discovered another tiny bit of white on a fore coronet that was not obvious at birth, and is now causing the hoof to strip....which is why I noticed it) This would be registered as "Solid" in most breeds.

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