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Home for break!

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Home for break!
I really love Jazz. She's a stinker, but just in general, I love her personality. Maybe I'm a pocket-pony kind of person. Like today I went out there and rubbed on Nike. He stood there for a while then walked off to graze. Jazz came up to me when I called her, then followed me around the pasture for attention. She'd trot when I jogged and stop when I stopped. I stood there and gave her belly rubs for a long time. She even let me rub near her ears today (she's gotten weird about them lately for some reason) and then tried to eat my phone through my jeans. But she was just a sweetheart. It kills dad, lol, he doesn't want her in his business, but she loves attention. Also, my friend is opening her own barn and is looking to lease nike to use as a lesson pony this summer, and I'll get her to train Jazz, too. Well it turns out she might need him now. Honestly I think that would be amazing, he's morbidly obese and needs work. Dad says he's seen him gimpy on that foot that he hurt his navicular bursa, but I have never seen a problem, and think the gimp he sees could be from his horrible feet >.< But I'm going to evaluate him in the next two weeks. She'd drive up from houston to get him if I let her take him early. The problem is the initial separation for Jazz.... Dunno how to deal with that. It's got to happen some day I guess. Anyway it would give me more time to work with her without having to feel bad about not riding Nike. I think it'd be just perfect....I've got to talk to my folks about it more though. Anyways, I just wanted to say that.
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Re: Home for break!

Well, it isn't as if Nike hasn't been "gone" before and Jazz lived to tell about Maybe she will surprise you and take it all in stride (all puns intended)... :love

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