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hi. i am new here!

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hi. i am new here!
Hi. I found this place while trying to find out what color my filly is. Seems like a cool forum. I have 4 horses including my new filly. I bought a sixteen yr old saddle mare from a neighbor and she kept getting bigger and then I noticed something moving so I asked if she could be bred and turns out a black Arab stallion broke in with their mares for two weeks. They didn't mention it because they never saw him breed her just the other mares well the one mare had her colt an entire month before my mare. I was starting to worry. We estimate she went a full yr I have never seen the stud but I have seen the other mare and she is a sorrel quarter mare. She had three goals by this stud. First was a sorrel like her and the next was black so they called it but she was graying out when she was two and now another sorrel. They say the stud has paint in his background. My mare has only had one other foal and it was a bay mule filly. I am not sure what this one is. I posted in what color is my foal if anyone cares to help. I think she maybe gray but I just don't know. Well hope to hear from ya'll soon. Thanks