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Oops, skipped coming here. Saw there was a forum to discuss horse colors and jumped right in. My name is Keirston, I am 20, I live in Florida, and my world revolves around my Arabian gelding, Flash. I've been around horses for a long time, and been riding almost as long. I am one of the riders who can say that no matter how much I know, or experienced I am, I will still always listen to riding advice. I am in my second semester of college, in my freshmen year, and no major at this school, just taking the needed classes for the school I will be transferring to. Once I get to my new school, I will be learning to be a barn manager, trainer and farrier. ( I can already do the farrier work, I just need to be licensed.) I think that covers everything for the most part other than Flash's life story lol. My camera got broken, so all I have is my horrible cell to be my camera. I will not be held liable for any horrible pictures that may cause blindness or any other trauma than may occur while viewing my pics.
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site!

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