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Hello :)

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Hello :)

I would just like to say hello. :newbie

I post as Spanielorbust on more than one internet forum. I am a self employed mom of young adults/teens that also enjoys her dogs. I have a penchant for small dogs, but throughout my life have most often had larger, as they have come to us needing homes.

My grandfather was a settler and dairy farmer, who also bred forward a line of loose eyed working collies. My mom also had a small dairy on her mixed farm and bred forward a couple of generations of collies. Her passion, however, was horses. The farm was a small hobby farm as my dad was employed and not a farmer, but he helped out.

I live in rural Alberta, Canada. I am supportive in my dog community. I have had a keen interest in genetics for a great length of time, and my greatest interest has been in canine coat color genetics.

I was very happy to come across this forum. :-D


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Very glad you're here. I

Very glad you're here. I always love to have people join the site who know more than I do :toast.

The dog part of the site is just getting started but the equine part has been active for a couple of years now. I decided to expand the site after realizing there wasn't a website that covered color genetics for a variety of species. I plan to expand to cats or rodents next depending on interest (I've had a couple of requests for rodents).

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Hello & Welcome!

Hello & Welcome! I live in NW WA State and own horses and raise some pretty neat colored Rat Terriers :D