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Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author

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Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author
just got this in my mail:
Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author Posted by: "Yvonne Welz" wishingwelz Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:40 am (PDT) We received some sad news about "The Soul of a Horse" author and barefoot/natural horse advocate Joe Camp. Some of you may have been following the story of Joe Camp's adopted mustang, and the birth of her colt Malachi, just a couple months ago. They were going to be the stars of Joe's new book, a follow up to The Soul of a Horse. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and our heart goes out to Joe & his family on their tragic loss - this is from Joe's site:" onclick=";return false; _________ A Brilliant Star Extinguished Malachi Killed in Storm Aftermath Our Hearts are breaking On the evening of June 3rd, exactly three months from the day of his birth, we lost Malachi in the aftermath of a violent thunder and lightning storm that knocked out a power pole on our property. At 2:00 am a fleet of huge power company trucks climbed our driveway which passes right by Noelle and Malachi's paddocks and stalls. These gigantic loud monsters apparently freaked Malachi into a frenzy and he cracked his head on a post. According to Dr. Matt he dropped immediately and died on the spot. We are devastated. Just devastated. He was our first and only baby. We only wanted one. And so much of the rest of my life was wrapped up in him. I so looked forward to going down at feeding times because Malachi got to come outside and play while I loaded the gator for the pasture feed. He was such a good boy. And so big, and strong, and healthy. Everything you could ask for in a messenger for the mustangs; and he represented everything we had learned in The Soul of a Horse, our entire journey. His birth was to be the first chapter of the next book. I loved him so, and so looked forward to the rest of my life with my boy horse. It was all so random. So wrong. I can't stop crying. I am lost. The photo above was taken on May 24th. The first two below on May 25th and are the last ones taken with me when he was awake. The next two were the very last ones taken, on May 28th, the day of his gelding. I will be offline and newsletters will be on hold for a while. Joe Goodbye Malachi, my boy horse. I don't know what I will do without you. ________
:sad You never know...
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Re: Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author

Thats terrible... :sad
I'm glad you posted this though, I had never heard of that site or anything and I'm learning so much from it.

IMAGE( Thank you Krickette!! IMAGE(
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Re: Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author

That is just tragic. So sad....

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Re: Sad news from "The Soul of a Horse" author

Very sad. :sad