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Horse Model

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Third Peppermint
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Horse Model

Hey everyone, I'm learning how to make 3D models and animations in Maya and I'm hoping to eventually try my luck at a horse model. I was wondering if anyone would be able to take some pictures of their horse for me to work off of! I would need some high resolution pictures from both sides, front, back, and as much of the top and bottom as you can. I would really like pictures of the neck and butt with and without the mane/tail (pulled to the side maybe?) that way it doesn't block the neck/haunches. I would also like closer pictures of the legs, hooves (including the bottom of the hooves clean from dirt) and lots of angles of the head. If you're feeling extra saucy eventually videos of the horse at rest and three gaits (or more if your horse has them!)

Any takers? Obviously this doesn't need done RIGHT NOW since I'm still working at learning how to do the muscles and joints and stuff, but since I need some detailed pictures I figured it'd take awhile to find someone interested and take longer to get a good set of pictures to work from.


Anyway, here's a list of what I'd need if anyone feels up to it!


  • Right side (with and without mane/tail)
  • Left Side (with and without mane/tail)
  • Front (with and without mane/forelock)
  • Rear(with and without tail)
  • Rear with tail pulled out of the picture
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Bottom of hooves
  • Detail for each hoof and leg (like the chestnuts and where the legs join the body and joints as well as all around the hoof)
  • Front of head (all head shots include ears)
  • Right side of head
  • Left side of head
  • Bottom of head
  • Maybe closeups of the eyes, ears, and muzzle?

Eventually videos of:

  • standing
  • walking
  • trotting
  • canter
  • grazing/ eating
  • gallop (if possible)
  • jumping (if possible)
  • any other videos of horsey activities

Anyone interested??


EDIT: I forgot that I'd probably need videos of transitions - like walk to trot or walk to canter and turning and the like. I've noticed that most horse animations lack the fluid changes between gaits.

Also, the pictures would need to be on level ground.

Daylene Alford
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Neat!  How high a resolution

Neat!  How high a resolution do you need?

Third Peppermint
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Joined: 09/03/09
As high as you can get. If

As high as you can get. If you have a DSLR camera I can take the originals in RAW. They'd be pretty big so I can set up a dropbox folder for them to avoid the whole emailing big things back and forth.