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Due to decreasing use over the years, I have decided to disable the forum functionality of the site.

Forums will still be available to view but new posts are no longer allowed.

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Daylene Alford
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Its exactly the same as They use the same database so you can use either or both as is your preference they will both be updated whenever someone makes a new post, comment, changes their avatar etc. and are both active but have no information. All the sites share a common user base you so if you've signed up with ( and you want to login to your gtg. Each of the sites (with the exception of possibly) will have its own forum dedicated to its animal.
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Very cool! I just started

Very cool! I just started digging into dogs a bit when I had a lab breeder asking me about black/brown/yellow.


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I'm excited! I've always

I'm excited! I've always wanted to learn more about dogs. My friend has a genetic freak of a dog, haha! (White GSP! Pretty rare indeed)