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Round Three - Black X Black =


Here is the third and final round of my Black X Black matings for this year. Sire: McSperitts Rowdy Night Image. Ee, LWO positive, and negative for Tobiano. Dam: my very most favorite of all, Bear Farms Nu Genes. Ee, heterozygous for Tobiano, negative for Cream, and LWO negative. And the result, FINALLY! :bounce Songcatchers Walking After Midnight: I'm betting he is probably LWO positive like his sire.

critterkeeper Fri, 05/01/2009 - 13:26

Congratulations on finally getting "The Black" foal. :laugh1
Seriously though - he is adorable and a real cutie pie (and he can use his blaze as a beacon on a dark night while out walking after midnight :love )